Sunday, September 5, 2021

October 2021 New Temple Announcement Predictions

Now that General Conference is only four weeks away, I thought I'd list some temple announcement predictions. We had a lot of temples announced last conference so that probably means we will only have a few this conference, but it could instead mean that we will have a lot of temples announced. It will be interesting to see what happens.

I've grouped my temple announcement predictions geographically and have generally chosen 3 cities for a region, but for some I chose more. I give more weight to a first temple in a country or state. Here are my predictions:


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Jakarta Indonesia

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (Taichung City could also work)

Busan, Korea

Osaka, Japan

Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Australia / Pacific:

Christchurch, New Zealand

Tasmania, Australia

Marshall Islands


Antananarivo, Madagascar

Kampala, Uganda

Kananga / Mbuji Mayi, Democratic Republic of the Congo


Edinburgh, Scotland (or Glasgow)

Tirana, Albania

Barcelona, Spain

South America (not Brazil):

Punta Arenas, Chile / Rio Grande,  Argentina (southern tip of the continent)

La Paz, Bolivia

Maracaibo, Venezuela


Teresina, Brazil

Palmas, Brazil

Cuiba, Brazil

North America (not US):

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Durango, Mexico

Kingston, Jamaica

United States (not Utah):

Tacoma, Washington

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Flagstaff, Arizona

Austin, Texas

Bakersfield, California


Heber City


Spanish Fork / Springville

Those are my picks for new temple locations. I'm hoping for a lot of temple announcements, but even a single temple will bless many lives. Please comment with your lists of possible temple locations. There is also usually a lively discussion about possible temple locations on the Growth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website so you can go there for more predictions. This conference's list should arrive any day on that blog.


James Stephens said...

There is another possibility that could be considered: another temple in Salt Lake County. I know that may seem rather silly, but consider this: when new temples are built near historic temples, the chances of preserving those historic temples go way up. Look at Smithfield near Logan, Red Cliffs near St. George, Gilbert near Mesa, and most recently in May, Ephriam near Manti. This allows more high-capacity temple work to be done while keeping the historic character of pioneer temples. Considering the backlash that happened after the Salt Lake/Manti Temple fiasco in March, President Nelson might be prompted to implement a similar solution like in Manti. Though the original murals are gone, replicas of the murals are better than no murals at all...

Scott said...

Salt Lake County could easily get another temple. President Hinckley announced that the church had long term plans for a temple in the southwest part of the valley at the same time the Oquirrh Mountain and Draper temples were announced. It appears that this is for Herriman. I didn't include it in my lists as there are already many temples in the valley and they are large temples and the Taylorsville temple is currently under construction. Eventually I could see a temple in Herriman and one in West Valley. There could possibly be one around Sandy as well.
I would love and hope for the Salt Lake Temple murals to be repainted.

Bob Kerns said...

There already is a temple in Tucson Arizona. Are you predicting another?

Scott said...

I meant Flagstaff. I will update the post

Bob Kerns said...

One in Flagstaff would be great.

Bob Kerns said...

If you look on "temple" location map there is a big 'ole hole in Appalachia near where I was born and raised in the area where West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee meet. The Church has actually been in that area for a long time . I have even visited old meetinghouses built years ago by small branches of members before standardized meetinghouses reached that area. Is there any possibility that a small temple might bless this good people?

Bob Kerns said...

Over 50 years ago I served in the North Carolina-Virginia Mission. Near Marion, NC there was an old Latter-day Saint meetinghouse that had a cemetery where many early members were buried. I'm not sure if it is still standing. There was another such place in Franklin, WV.