Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meridian Idaho Temple Rendering

I have been asked to give some of my thoughts on the newly released rendering of the Meridian Idaho Temple.  So here they are:
Meridian Idaho Temple Rendering

My first impression of this temple is strength.  The side towers look weighty and strong with small windows.  The double columns in the central mass between windows adds to the feeling of strength, as does the central tower without a spire.The base appears to be a slight pedestal, adding to the effect.

At the same time, I notice the finer details above windows, on columns, along the top edges, surrounding the octagonal pyramidal apex, etc.  These show the finer beauty of the temple and help to temper the look of strength.  I notice that many of the details are either copied from the Cardston Alberta Canada Temple, or modified from it (which I am fine with).  In fact, the overall look of the temple including the lack of a spire, appears to be based on the Cardston Alberta Canada Temple.  I like the finer details in the stonework or precast concrete that we are seeing in newer temples.  This rendering appears to show a precast concrete exterior.

Viewing this rendering, I wonder how the rooms will be arranged in the temple.  I would guess that some corner towers will have staircases.  I also assume that the central tower will house the Celestial Room, which would be nice because with windows on four sides light will flow into the room no matter where the sun is in the sky.

I like the octagonal pyramid.  I read reports saying that this was a dome, but it is clearly not, it is a shallow pyramid with 8 sides.  I like the gold on this pyramid.  I think it would have been cool to see the four corner towers topper with similar shallow pyramids, but the way it is rendered now works well.

I also like that there appears to be art glass, although until it is built it will be hard to tell what the glass looks like.

So I generally like the rendering of this temple and am excited to see the interior.  I am also interested to know what any of you think about it.