Monday, November 21, 2011

The Fortaleza Brazil Temple Rendering

In case you missed it, the church recently broke ground on, and released the rendering of, the Fortaleza Brazil Temple.  It is another of the two towered temple style.  Here is the rendering, followed by the renderings of the other new two towered temples for reference.
Fortaleza Brazil Temple Rendering
Brigham City Temple Rendering
Kansas City Temple Rendering
Rome Italy Temple Rendering
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple Rendering
 I like the new rendering of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple.  I am a big fan of the new two towered temple style.  I like the classical design of this new temple, although I like the neoclassical architecture used in the Philadelphia Temple even more.  The Fortaleza Temple is built into a hill which should allow light to fill the baptistery.  I particularly like the towers of the Fortaleza Temple and the slight concave curves on each side.  I also like the columns on the towers and the fact that they cluster on the corners.

Well, that was a really short post, but hopefully you liked the rendering.  Please comment and let us know what you think about this new temple rendering.


Brett said...

Excellent phase of temple building. I love the new design so much.

L said...

Can you list the other but older pioneer era two tower temples as well? (Logan and Manti) Also, The Salt Lake though 6 towers has 2 taller towers on each end.

Scott said...

Well, technically none of the pioneer temples are 2 towered; however, the Logan and Manti Temples' 4 corner towers are shorter and are often overlooked. But these two pioneer temples (and Salt Lake) have two prominent sets of towers representing the priesthoods, so they are the inspiration for the 2 tower style. Similarly, the San Diego temple has 8 towers, but 2 main ones. The Vernal Utah Temple has 2 towers.

The Tolmans said...

Any one noticed that on the new renderings of the Provo tabernacl temple it looks like they will be adding statues in the four spires door ways. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

The church has truly entered a new phase of Temple building. I have some comments, not about the post, but regarding other comments.

I don't agree with Logan and Manti being classified as 6-tower Temples. I respect your personal preference for tower classification, but I think most people would agree that the true technical classification of Logan and Manti would be 2-towered Temples. I think by definition a tower is supposed to rise a significant distance, proportionate to height, above the basic roof-line or flat-line of a building. Of course a "significant distance" is up to interpretation, but this is why the Oakland California Temple is noted as having 5 towers, while the Cochabamba Bolivia Temple is classified as a single-tower Temple.

You mention that the octagonal corners of the Logan and Manti Temples "are often overlooked." While these octagonal corners are not towers per se (of which Logan has 4 and Manti has 2), the aspect that is overlooked is how they frame the Temple and create sets of three architectural elements. It creates the same priesthood symbolism that the Salt Lake Temple accomplishes with 2 sets of 3 towers, but rather uses 2 prominent towers with strong architectural elements on either side.

If you were to classify the 4 corners of the Logan and Manti Temples as "towers" then there may be an argument to include the Curitiba Brazil Temple, Twin Falls Idaho, Vancouver BC Temple (and others like them) as "2-towered" Temples because they have the obvious tower with the Angel Moroni plus a built-up section above the Celestial Room (which is on the opposite end from Moroni). These built-up sections raise just as much, if not more, than the 4 corners of the Logan and Manti Temples. As you can see, the classification gets messy quickly and no one would ever classify the Curitiba Brazil Temple and others like it as having 2 towers.

And one last thing, I think the Logan and Manti Temples are often thought of as being almost identical in basic exterior architecture, which is not the case. The Logan Temple has 4 corner sections that are octagonal in shape. The Manti Temple only has 2 octagonal corners, which are on either side of the Western tower. The Eastern tower of the Manti Temple is flanked with 2 rectangular building components that frame the tower in-between them, but these two pieces would not be considered towers themselves.

Sorry for the long comment, but I think it's great you're getting people to think outside the box when it comes to LDS Temple architecture. It causes people to look at Temples in a way they haven't before.

Brett said...

@ The Tolmans, are you referring to what appears to be statue niches either side of the doors on the four corner towers? They also appear to on either side of the window directly above the doors? From what I can see on the high resolution picture from they appear to be empty.

The Tolmans said...

No this was a 360 degree new rendering of it. Each side you Looked at this seamed to be the case

Brett said...

Aha...I see it now.

Not sure. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

There will be no statues in the Provo Temple. The blank areas are just part of the design (similar to the old tabernacle).