Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brigham City Temple Site Announcement

The Brigham City Temple site has been announced. It will be built across the street from the Brigham City Tabernacle on the West side of Main Street.
I think this is a great site for the temple. The Brigham City Tabernacle is one of my favorite buildings and the Temple will pair well with it. I hope that the temple design echos the design of the Tabernacle with buttressing and numerous spires. It would also be nice if interior architectural details matched styles used in the Tabernacle. It doesn't have to, but since the Brigham City Tabernacle is such an attractive building I don't know why you wouldn't want to. Also, the church usually tries to make Temples nicer than the buildings around them. Basing the temple on the Tabernacle architecture would help make the temple not be overdone by the Tabernacle.
Whatever is done, I think this site is a wonderful place for the Brigham City Temple.

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