Sunday, August 21, 2011

Possible New LDS Temple Locations

Recently, the LDS church announced that they are trying to build a temple near Paris, France.  This was an exciting development, although not too surprising as church leaders have stated that they were trying to find land for a temple for about 15 years.  The only real question was when they would find the land and make the temple announcement.

In the last April General Conference three new temples were announced - Winnipeg Canada, Fort Collins Colorado, and Meridian Idaho.  This broke a pattern of announcing 5 new temples each October General Conference and none in the April General Conference.

I'd like to discuss some places where I see new temples are likely to be built.  I have based my guesses on some articles/websites about church growth and the likelihood of a temple being built in a particular location.  My guesses are also largely based on my personal feelings.


Cedar City, Utah - This city is about an hour from St. George which has been rapidly growing.  The trip from Cedar City to St. George is usually fine, but sometimes in the winter it can be dangerous.  Placing a temple in this city would have other benefits.  One of the six universities in Utah is in this city so a temple would serve the college students, helping them get into a habit of temple attendance in their early adult years.  A temple would also reduce travel times for people living in Beaver and other cities that currently have 2+ hour travel times to the temple.  I would expect this temple to be either small or medium sized.

Layton, Utah - Even with the Ogden Temple remodel and the new Brigham City Temple, the demands on the Ogden Temple and Bountiful Temple remain high and something needs to be done to alleviate overcrowding.  Layton is a prime candidate for a temple as it is between Ogden and Bountiful.  I would expect this temple to be medium or large sized.

Tooele Valley, Utah - A temple could be built in Tooele (two-wheel-a), Stansbury Park, Grantsville, or a few other locations in this valley.  Tooele valley is one valley west of the Salt Lake Valley.  This valley has a reasonable population.  People in the Tooele Valley must travel all the way to the Salt Lake Temple, an hour to hour and a half drive.  I would expect this temple to be small or maybe medium sized.

Price, Utah - I suspect Price will eventually have a temple as it has faithful members, a junior college, and a long travel time to the Manti Temple.  I don't expect a temple to be built here for a while because it would drain the Manti Temple district, which has low population.

Richfield, Utah - I eventually expect a temple here, but because it would drain the Manti Temple district quite a bit, I don't expect one in the short term.  In 10-20 years I could see a temple in Richfield being very likely.

Salt Lake Valley, Utah - There are already four temples in the Salt Lake Valley, but we should expect more as a huge percentage of the church lives there.  Also, President Hinckley already announced plans to build a fifth temple in the Salt Lake Valley when needed.  Rumors identify the temple as being in Herriman or Bluffdale, both in the extreme southwest corner of the valley.  Temples could also be built elsewhere in the valley.  I wouldn't be surprised to see more temples in the Salt Lake area soon.

United States

Pocatello, Idaho - With a good number of members and the nearest temples (Idaho Falls, Logan, Brigham City, and Twin Falls) an hour or more away, I think a temple will likely be built here.  It might be 5 or 10 years before an announcement is made, depending on crowding at Idaho Falls.  I expect a small temple, but a medium sized is also possible.

Wyoming - Wyoming is an oddity.  It has many members with over 60,000 members, yet it has no temples.  This is probably due to low population density and the fact that most population centers are near borders with other states and not that far from a temple in another state.  Even so, it would be nice to see this state receive a temple.  I prefer Casper as it is central and would be near Martin's Cove and could be a historical temple like Winter Quarters, Palmyra, Nauvoo, and Kansas City.

Rapid City, South Dakaota - South Dakota is another state without a temple.  Rapid City is where I would expect one to be built as it has a reasonable population and receives a lot of tourists.  The LDS tourists would then be able to visit a temple when they go to visit Mt. Rushmore National Monument and The Badlands National Park.  Rapid City is also close to Wyoming, bringing a temple closer to the saints in that state.

El Paso, Texas - This city almost has a temple, but it is in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico across the Rio Grande river.  The temple was built there to be easier for saints in Mexico to attend as crossing into the U.S. legally can be difficult.  Unfortunately, a string of violent kidnappings, murders, and other violence (mostly drug related) has made Juarez very unsafe.  I know U.S. citizens who are originally from Mexico that are afraid to travel to Juarez for fear of being kidnapped or killed.  If I lived in El Paso, I would travel to San Antonio or Lubbock to attend the temple, rather than risk my life in Juarez.  So, I expect to see a temple in El Paso eventually.

Tucson, Arizona - Arizona has been getting a lot of temples recently.  This isn't surprising if you've attended the Mesa Temple and realized how overcrowded it was.  The state has a ton of members.  Tucson is about 2 hours from the Mesa/Gilbert Temples and is a significant city.  I'd expect a temple to be announced in Tucson soon.

North and South America
Managua, Nicaragua - Recently, many Central American countries have received temples.  Nicaragua still does not have one, but it does have decent membership numbers and a population centralized in a single metro area.  I expect that the church will build a temple in Managua, Nicaragua soon.

The Caribbean - Currently there is a temple in the Domican Republic.  I think another temple is likely in the next decade.  It could be in Puerto Rico, or another island.  I don't know enough about the region to speculate more.

South America - Several South American countries are getting their second temple now, and Brazil continues to get temples. I expect to see more, but don't know enough about South America to speculate where.  I would love to see Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana receive temples as they are the last countries in South America without temples.  They also don't have many members so although I'd like them to receive temples, I'm not expecting them to receive temples anytime soon.

Scotland - The U.K. has two temples (Preston England and London England).  It also has more members that any country in Europe by a long shot.  I think another temple in England is very likely.  Scotland would be a good location as it is many hours from Preston and would reduce travel times for other members living even further north.  Scotland also has a mission and a good number of members.

Birmingham, England - An alternative to a temple is Scotland would be another temple in England.  Birmingham seems like a reasonable guess.  Cambridge would also be interesting.

Norway - With Denmark, Sweden and Finland all having temples, Norway seems like a likely candidate and would cover Scandinavia with temples.

East Africa - I think East Africa needs a temple.  Perhaps in Uganda or Kenya

Kinshasha Congo - Apparently The Congo has a lot of members and is a likely candidate for a temple.

Thailand/Southeast Asia - This area has a lot of members and seems right for a temple.

India - Apparently the members in India are faithful.  This would also bless members throughout the Indian Ocean region from East Africa to Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately I don't know Australia or the Pacific islands well enough to speculate on a new temple location, but feel free to speculate in the comments section.

There are some of the areas I envision seeing a new temple.  Feel free to discuss other options in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

I live in central California near Pismo Beach. Members own land up here and there is much talk of a possible Temple in the future. Our Temple is the LA Temple and it's a good 3 hours away. 4 Stakes make up the central coast so there is no doubt that we could support a Temple in the near future! I pray the day will come!

Anonymous said...

I take that back, there are over 8 stakes on the central coast of California.

Anonymous said...

A somewhat more rigorous exploration of this same topic can be found at

By the way, it's not true that "most of the state population" of Wyoming is LDS. LDS Newsroom reports 63,069 members. Out of a state population of 563,626, that's 11%.

Scott said...

I hadn't looked at the population numbers in a while. I'll change it to over 60,000 members.
As for the link you gave, I had also linked to it in my introductory paragraphs.

Ky said...

I live in the Gila Valley and we have had many Saints come here from El Paso, as it is closer for them to drive here than to Lubbock. It's about a 4 hour drive for them here, but they said it can be almost that long just trying to cross the border. The Ciudad Juarez Temple is less than 20 miles away, but might as well be the 250 miles it is to us.

As for a temple in Tucson, I know my sister would welcome that development, but I think it will be a ways off. There are only about 6 stakes in the Tucson/Nogales area. That being said, I could certainly see it happen within the next 10 to 15 years.

Anonymous said...

I live in Manchester, a few miles from Preston. A third temple here in the UK is very unlikely in the short term. As far as I am aware the Preston Temple is one of the largest outside the US, and is greatly under used. When this temple becomes busy then I could imagine another temple, but I think you're right in assuming it would be in Scotland.

Nancy Gershman said...

Scott, I am creating healing artwork for a LDS widow who was married in the DC temple. I urgently need a hi res version of the photo < sealWashingtDC >. Do you know where I might find it?

Please reply to Many thanks, Nancy

Scott said...

I don't have a higher resolution photo. The Ensign had some of these photos, but I don't know the issue. It was probably 30 years ago.

Brett said...

I live in South Auckland New Zealand and worked in the council where the new MTC was built. I found in the resource section from 2006 a application for the stake centre, the MTC and in the middle what it described as a future religious education facility which it artists impression on looks like the panama temple.

It could warrant a temple I suppose. 2 new stake centres were built in the last 3 years. They both filled with 3 wards. I think there is 12 to 14 stakes in Auckland. Not too sure there though.

Australia does not need another temple. That is well serviced...possibly over serviced at the moment.

The rest of the Pacific is also well serviced to a reasonable level.

Scott said...

That's interesting Brett. The church likes to have temples near MTCs. I'd expect another temple in New Zealand based on your comment. The only surprising thing for me would be that the north island would be getting its second temple before the south gets one. I'd have guessed Christchurch as the location of a new temple.

One of my guesses for a Utah temple is based on a land purchase I heard about. I heard the church recently bought a large parcel of land in a prominent spot that is too large for a stake center. The area also makes a lot of sense for a temple. So, while I don't know for sure, I strongly expect one of my Utah guesses is correct.

A year or two before the Draper Temple was announced I began hearing rumors that the church had purchased a temple sized parcel right where the temple now stands. So that was no surprise to me either.

Slim said...

So where was the parcel of land bought in Utah? Or hints?

Scott said...

I'm not going to say where, but it was one of my Utah guesses.

As for the Scotland Temple guess, I have attended the Preston Temple (while at the MTC) and the London Temple while on my mission. Yes they could be used more. The United Kingdom has 186,000 members according to and serves several other countries as well (Iceland, Ireland, France, Greenland). The only other country in Europe with 2 temples is Germany with 38,000 members, about 1/5 the membership. The U.K. has by far the most members of any European country and could easily have more temples. London and Preston are under used mainly due to the distances required to attend them. A number of small local temples could easily be filled. Japan has 125,000 members (less than U.K.) and is getting its 3rd temple. So I think a U.K. temple is still very likely. If members in Scotland or Birmingham want to ensure a new temple is built, then they need to overcrowd the existing temples.

Heidi said...

I have to tell you how much I enjoy The Trumpet Stone. I love every temple I have entered and was an ordinance worker in the Dallas Temple for nine years. I remember the extreme opposition to the building of that temple, but time brought many more temples to Texas. I now live in the Bountiful Temple district. I miss the intimacy and sweet spirit of the Dallas Temple. Home, sweet home.

Chris said...

Thanks for this website. I recently discovered it and find it fascinating.

I would recommend considering temples in the following cities in the eastern United States within 5-10 years: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Cleveland, Ohio; Jacksonville, Florida; Norfolk, Virginia; Arkansas (probably Little Rock or Fort Smith); possibly one along the Gulf Coast between Gulfport, Mississippi and Tallahasse, Florida. I would guess these would all be smaller temples, similar in style and form to those that dot the eastern U.S. today (i.e. Louisville, Columbus, Columbia, Nashville, Memphis, etc.) It has been amazing to me how many cities in the central and eastern United States and Canada have temples. For instance, the recent announcements for Winnipeg and Hartford seem amazing to me considering how relatively few stakes are in the immediate vicinity (and considering how relatively underused the Boston Temple has historically been, in my experience).

Having recently read a book on David O. McKay and having lived in the eastern U.S. for several years, I still find it amazing how accessible temples are to members of the Church throughout the world! This is truly a great blessing!

Brett said...

Hi Scott,

I agree, the it doesn't make sense for another temple in the north island so close to the existing Hamilton Temple, there may be similar plans for the South Island.

However, I do know that the majority of members do reside in the North Island and there has been decent growth in South Auckland and surrounding areas in recent years.

The detailed plans I did see were from 2006. The Stake Centre and the MTC were only completed late last year, therefore it is feasible to consider the temple to be a long term goal. Looking at the plans...which I will send to you there were instructions for extensive grading to be completed where the temple is to be. That was completed last year while the Stake Centre and MTC were built. I was lucky to be working on the 6th floor of the council building and had a good view of the site.

Add to this the fact that the Hamilton temple is overdue for a major overhaul...and if you believe the rumours that has been earmarked to be done by 2016. In addition to this the Church College of New Zealand is no longer being demolished and the Church is exploring other options.

If the Hamilton Temple was to undergo extensive renovations(presumably for at least 2 years) that would leave the pacific islands or Australia the closest temples. Perhaps a new Manukau temple would cover the short fall while Hamilton is renovated.

I look forward to seeing any new temple announcements here and in Utah.

Quinn Rollins said...

Another great article Scott--I love the speculation game. I remember being on my mission in Germany and poring over world maps, wondering how the Church could bring more temples to the world. That was in 1993-94, and most of the locations my companions and I wondered about and hoped for now have temples. I love the "speculation game."

Just in the last week I've heard the speculation in at least three different places about the sadly burned Provo Tabernacle being renovated and upgraded to become a Downtown Provo Temple (keeping the Provo Temple for BYU/MTC use) ala Vernal, Copenhagen, Manhattan, etc.. Since that tabernacle is now just a shell anyway, I'd get behind that idea. Even with Payson and Mt Timpanogos online, I still think there would be enough members in Provo/Orem to warrant a second Provo Temple, although the Oremites would probably be bugged.

I'm intrigued at your news about a large land purchase in Utah; my hopes would be for either Cedar City or Tooele Valley. I like your rationale behind Cedar City; we have a cabin at Panguitch Lake, and for the members in that area, attending the temple means taking a day off of work to attend St George. It's rural, and sparsely populated, but still predominantly LDS, and they would be strengthened by a Cedar City Temple. A Tooele Valley Temple wouldn't just benefit Tooele, but also possibly the communities on the west side of Utah Lake--Cedar Valley, Eagle Mtn, etc.. A Bluffdale Temple would have the same benefit for those towns.

Love the El Paso, British Isles, and Africa speculation as well--it seems the biggest barrier to African temples right now is government corruption and violence, more than the lack of membership. Kenya and Congo would be able to support temples, but I'm afraid Uganda's still too violent and unstable.

It would be nice to see another temple in a former Eastern Bloc nation--Romania, Hungary, Poland, etc.; I don't think the membership warrants it yet, but possibly in the next 10-20 years.

Anyway. Great article, nice speculation. I hope we'll have a few new announcements in another month.

Scott said...

I thought about Provo after an article appeared in the papers this week saying that the church bought land directly south from the tabernacle. I'm not sure why they would do that if they didn't want the land for parking or so that it wouldn't be an eyesore next to an important building. It seems to me that if you were just rebuilding the Tabernacle, then you wouldn't need extra land. Provo remains incredibly busy and the Payson Temple is not going to service much of Utah County. I've been told that members in Springville will still attend the Provo Temple.

Brett said... temples in the following:

South Africa
Refurbished Provo Tabernacle
Re-confirmation of Paris France new temple for New Zealand...maybe it's on the shelf for the moment.

Scott said...

The church often plans temples for a while before announcing them. Maybe when they built the MTC they figured it would eventually need a temple so they set aside land for now. Then again, since the rendering clearly shows the current Panama City style of temple, I'd guess that temple will be announced soon.

Ammon said...

Hey, I just found this blog and have been absorbed in it for the past hour or so. I love the Temples and especially the history, architecture, symbolism and unique stories about them. Great blog!

Anyway, I hope you're right about Cedar City. I'm from there and always hoped for a temple there someday. I remember growing up and hearing that the land where the University is now had originally been intended for a temple, but figured it was never likely to happen with St. George so close. Once Pres. Hinckley announced the smaller temples I've hoped that one day Cedar City would get one. Here's to hoping! Thanks again for the site.

Anonymous said...

I must say that your temples are so beautiful and unearthly.Im not Mormon but keep up your great works.Its like heaven on earth.I feel sorry for christians who dont understand the mystical orgins of their own faith.Theres something true about you all.I just cant get my hand on it.

Anonymous said...

I live in New Zealand and work for the church here and I can confirm that the church is looking at building temples in Auckland and Wellington. The church purchased land for both when Gordon B. Hinckley was president, and I understand he approved the temples in principle but wanted to see the Saints in NZ use the Hamilton Temple more before more were authorised. As far as I know, Christchurch has never been on the table for a temple.

Brett Stirling said... Wellington as well. How exciting.

The Hamilton Temple needs a major refurbishment, any chance of that happening soon?

Ryan and Donna said...

We are getting excited about a Temple in Cedar City. Land has been purchased but who knows how long it will take for the Church to make the announcement. I have stood on the property in the North West section of Cedar City and it will be visible to all who enter the valley driving south on I-15. Very impressive. Can't wait...

Scott said...

I have thought they should build a Cedar City Temple for a while now. It is interesting that a land purchase is rumored. I know of another Utah land purchase that is most likely a temple, but I'll wait for it to be announced before I discuss it further.

Cliff P said...

Wow! You correctly called Cedar City. I just heard Pres. Monson's announcement in the Saturday Morning session and grabbed my laptop so I could be the first to congratulate you.

I hadn't seen your most recent comment about a second land purchase in Utah that is likely a temple -- I sure hope it's going to be in Layton since I live in Kaysville. Can you at least give me a hint on whether this second land purchase is within 10 miles from Kaysville?

Scott said...


Doug the Ex-Fat Guy said...

Well, some have been "prophets", but GUESSING a likely temple location isn't that hard.
Here would be my list:
Worldwide (ex US)
Nairobi, Kenya (small)
Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire (small)
Hyderabad, India (small)
Ulan Bator, Mongolia (small)
Davao City, Philippines (medium)
Jakarta, Indonesia (small)
Managua, Nicaragua (small)
Puebla Mexico (small)
Moscow Russia (small)

USA (ex Utah):
Willamette Valley, OR (Albany or Corvallis) (small)
Elko, NV (small)
Bakersfield, CA (small)
Colorado Springs, CO (medium)
Richmond, VA (small)
Winston-Salem, NC (small)
Pittsburgh, PA (small)

Tooele (medium)
Price (small)
Cottonwood, SLC (large)
West Valley City (large)
Orem (large)
Saratoga Springs (medium)

It depends upon finances, ability to acquire the right property, and, of course, INSPIRATION

Anonymous said...

I would hope that there would be more small temples dotted throughout the US before another Utah Temple is built.

I had to cringe a couple of years ago when a comment was made by a Utah Saint after the Brigham City Temple was announced that she was so grateful for this new Temple so she wouldn't have to drive ALL THE WAY to Ogden or Logan from Brigham City to attend the Temple.

(I sincerely hoped then that no one in Mongolia or in the jungles of Brazil would ever have to read that ridiculous comment!)

Folks in Utah need to sacrifice a little once in a while like saints in the rest of the world already do.

MOST Latter-day Saints outside Utah have to travel at least 2 1/2 hours to attend a Temple and many travel much longer distances than that. They also have to travel equally long distances to SERVE in a Temple.

Heck -- we travel a half hour every Sunday just to attend Church; and I know of many Saints for whom that distance would be a welcome alternative to the journey they have to make once a week to worship the Lord.

By the way -- I lived in Utah for 42 years before moving into the Mission Field, so I think I can say this!)

Scott said...

I agree that temples are needed where there is a long drive to a temple; however, I don't think there is anything wrong with more Utah temples or other temples where the church is strong.
In Utah the need for new temples isn't so that people can ever go to the temple, or more often than once a year etc. as it is elsewhere in the world. Where the church is well established with large numbers of members (Utah etc.) regular temple attendance is encouraged and hopefully someday there will be enough members and temples everywhere that every member can attend the temple weekly.
In Utah the temples are the busiest in the church and many are running above capacity. This is where most of the work for the dead is done. Therefore, by building more temple in Utah, more work for the dead is able to be done, and a huge portion of the church is able to attend the temple frequently. We should all want this. I have been to Utah Temples many times that were so full that I had to wait for several sessions before I could get on a session. This has happened at Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake, Jordan River, Provo, etc. Even the Brigham City Temple that just opened is already running with full endowment sessions regularly. Building more temples where they are so heavily used makes sense and accomplishes a mission of the church.
I want more temples in remote parts of the world, but the temples nearby must be utilized by the members for this to happen. We see this is many areas where new small temples are built near other small temples, but in other places the small temples are really under utilized.
So I'm fine with hoping for another small temple before a Utah temple, but I hope that doesn't mean that you don't want us to have more of the blessings of the temple purely because you have to travel a long way. It seems wrong to want others to have less blessings of the gospel to equalize everything. Indeed, the small temples are trying to do the opposite - they are to provide more blessings of the gospel to those who have had less (in that temples were difficult or impossible to attend).

Doug the Ex-Fat Guy said...

I would add a new small temple, more justified for reasons like the Nauvoo Temple, in or near Kirtland, Ohio. It should NOT resemble the Kirtland facility currently owned by the CoC and should not have 'Kirtland' in its name...perhaps "Lake Erie" or "Cuyahoga" instead.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine served his mission in Independence, so he had many dealings with RLDS and other groups there. He told me that the CoC is bankrupt and so they've been selling properties back to us (Adam Ondi Ahman) and the Temple ot and Kirtland Temple are expected to be sold soon too. Maybe we don't have to build a Kirtland Area one!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Price , UT gets one and soon. That would be great for the south eastern portion of the state .

christina jeni said...

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Anonymous said...

I used to live in Los Angeles and was irritated when more temples were announced in Utah while others have to travel so far.

I since moved to Utah, and like someone else said, the Utah temples are very busy. I now understand why temples are continually being built in Utah because I have missed entering a session because the chapel was too crowded. I went to the LA Temple before I moved and there were not enough people for the session that I was asked to go help them as I was sitting in the celetial room after my session.